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Marmo J

MarmoJ is a company that was established in 1997 to satisfy the Export and Import Market of diverse Marbles and Granites. We focus mainly on the production, marketing, processing, importation and exportation of marbles, granites, slates, limestones and alike.

We prioritize our clients' highest satisfaction. Thus, we bet on quality and a rapid response to orders, a factor that has been increasing our client retention.

The company currently has about 40 permanent workers in its staff and is equipped with the most modern infrastructures and technologies necessary for the pursuit of its activity.

Due to its location in the Montelavar and Pêro Pinheiro region (Sintra - Lisbon), which is internationally recognized for its connection to the type of business in question, this company also has access to privileged air, road and maritime transport routes.
The materials are marketed in a variety of ways, namely in raw (blocks), slabs (of various thicknesses) and / or processed (fireplaces, tiles, stonework, coatings, toilets, kitchens, etc.), both in standard and in specific measurements according to the needs of each Client.

MARMO J's business partners and clients are mainly construction companies and entrepreneurs; product stores; national and international consortia; kitchen, tableware and floor manufacturer industries; wholesale or retail dealers and end customers, among others.

We have, in short, a nationally and internationally recognized company for the quality and professionalism in the execution of our work.